1.  The name of the association shall be “Pinner Old Students Association”.
  2.  Membership shall be open to former pupils and staff of the school and college covering the period 1937-1982 and shall therefore apply to those who attended Pinner County School, Pinner County Grammar School and Pinner Sixth Form College.
  3. The committee shall have the power to extend the membership at its discretion.
  4. The objects of the association shall be to continue the fellowship and tradition of the school and college by means available.
  5.  Members shall pay subscriptions at rates to be determined from time to time by the committee.
  6. The committee shall consist of not more than nine members who shall elect annually from among their members a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer and any other officers as they consider appropriate. A quorum shall comprise half the membership of the committee at the time.
  7. The committee shall be empowered to appoint new members to replace any member who retires from the committee or to fill any vacancy.
  8.  The committee shall be fully empowered to organise association functions and produce a newsletter to be distributed to members.
  9. The accounts shall be audited annually and a copy shall be made available for inspection at reunions.
  10. The auditor shall be appointed annually by the committee.
  11.  The committee shall have the power to amend the constitution by a simple majority vote of the whole committee. In the event of a tie the casting (second) vote of the chairman shall be in favour of the status quo.
  12. It is prohibited for the database of members to be used for anything other than the association’s own purposes and may not be sold or passed to any other person or third party to use for non-association purposes.
  13.  Any proposal to wind up the association shall be put to an extraordinary general meeting called for the purpose. The quorum for such a meeting shall be twenty members. In the event of this quorum not being reached a further meeting shall be called for which no quorum is required. In the event of the association being wound up the assets of the association shall be donated for an appropriate local educational purpose in Pinner.