The school open day is open to members of Pinner Old Students Association. Membership of the association costs £10 a year. If you wish to join click here.

Pinner County School, Pinner Grammar School, Pinner County Grammar School, Pinner Junior College, Pinner Sixth Form College – which one did you attend? If you went to one of these schools or colleges sometime between 1937 and 1982 you’ve come to the right place!

This is the website for all former pupils, staff and families of any of the above schools or colleges. After the closure of the college in 1982 things went a bit quiet on the old student front. But the last 20 years have seen a lot of old student activity with some well established events such as the annual open day at the old school premises in Beaulieu Drive and the annual magazine, Cervus. Lots of year groups are well established and many of them run frequent get-togethers.

We hope you will enjoy looking around this website. This is where you can find out about the annual visit to the old school in Beaulieu Drive and how to subscribe to Pinner Old Students Association as well as enjoy full access to our interactive website. As a member you can view the extensive photo gallery of thousands of photos depicting every aspect of the school’s history, you have access to member forums for posting messages to fellow students,  you can contribute to our magazine, Cervus, find out about class reunions and lots more.

We welcome your queries, your stories and anecdotes – about the present as well as the past and, most of all, we welcome your comments about the website and whether it works for you.

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